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Windbreaker shopping items, knowledge of dust pit auditorium

1, quality identification of windbreaker sewing
Sewing line parts visual coat is straight, seams should be smooth, high potential should be uniform, eat round, bag cover, bag should be flat, square and hem bottom shall be round flat. The main parts of the site generally refers to the predecessor windbreaker collar, placket, armhole and clothing, is needed to focus the attention of the local.
2, styling and feeling when trying on a windbreaker
Coat worn on the body, each part should be smooth and natural, should be symmetrical, such as collar around the shoulder sleeve cage flat, round, busty, natural, no cracks, placket drooping naturally straight, not twisted is not excluded, back under the collar clothes, back hem is not raised, the overall feeling to a comfortable and relaxed feeling. Such as: both hands before and after, swing up and down comfortable, neck and shoulder without oppression, and so on.
3, shopping malls and related shopping items
When you buy MM windbreaker, you should go to a more formal shopping malls, and take good care of the invoice. Buy the coat, should see the content identification and washing instructions will be permanent identity, is printed on the webbing and sewing on the product, whether it is washed or dry cleaned, the logo will not fall off, permanent identification is mainly based on consumer complaints, in order to better safeguard their rights

What brand of windbreaker, good dust coat ten big list?

Ten big dust coat brand list, men’s windbreaker – Lady windbreaker brand, what brand of windbreaker, good <2017>?
1.Burberry Bo Li
Beginning in 1856, the British Plaid logo is the Burberry family status and status symbol, trench coat as a brand logo world-renowned, Bo Li (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
In 1923 the United States, synonymous with leading brand coat series and top quality, designed for high-end customized gentleman and celebrities in men’s coat, the coat series is known, China ICONIX Co. Ltd.
Founded in 1945, France, France luxury brand, Louis Weedon group, with strong style / free and easy, independent and famous, very rich in Paris style, world-renowned fashion brand
4.MaxMara Max Mara
In 1951, the Ten International Ladies windbreaker brand, clothing brand, camel coat and deep red suit international fame, Italy MAXMARA group
5.AQUASCUTUM aquascutum
Founded in 1851, the British, British tailoring, with a proprietary plaid design, is the eternal classic of the fashion industry, the use of waterproof wool skills of the original waterproof coat, enjoy great reputation
6.Armani Armani
Founded in 1975 in Milan, the world’s men’s wear brand is famous for its new fabrics and excellent production. Its jacket is its representative work, Giorgio Armani (Shanghai) Trading Company
7.Jack&Jones JACK&JONES
Started in 1990, designed for the casual / trendy and fashionable men of the ages of 18 to 30, the Nordic compact design style, the Bestseller group
Gucci 8.Gucci
Began in 1921 in Italy, GUCCI fashion to high-end / luxury / sexy world famous, “made in Italy” classic, Gucci (China) Trading Co., Ltd.
Founded in 1894, the British top wind and clothing brand is proud of its strong and durable quality, and is renowned for its classic fashion design and its British style coat
Founded in 1968 in the United States, the world leader in fashion design and marketing, the world’s leading men’s underwear brand, minimalist style brand representative, Peng Wei Qi business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Consumer guide to trench coat brands

Windbreaker has a history of over a hundred years, is still a classic fashion. Before, windbreaker is not only sought after by the army, but also become a favorite element of many movies…… And now, is no longer just to resist wind coat, it is fashionable to beach goers. It’s not easy to choose a suitable windbreaker. Many people buy the windbreaker, will choose brand products, some of the trench coat brand is always the leader of the trend, then what brand of windbreaker? Which brand is good for a windbreaker coat? Which areas are the most widely distributed? Where is the better windbreaker? What are the brand of the big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to give the consumers windbreaker market to provide real and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data to support the ten major brands, windbreaker and related statistics website for your brand recommended for your reference.

Men’s windbreaker belt law illustrated simple three men’s windbreaker belt system

Simple method
Suggest that the boy’s windbreaker belt on the front pocket, it is not possible to hit a slap in the face, bow knot, the general is in the pocket, and there is a casual line, but the clothes required to be neat.
Two. The anterior system
The men’s windbreaker, the front Department of the belt, is called “Xiao Bian”. The waistband is worn through the waist and ear, and then a simple single ear bow is used. This method is not only common, but also very popular.
Three and post system
The belt is divided into two parts on the short side of the long side of the short below; look around, then tape Lara tight; then a short folded about this; a long short winding up from below; long a discount, then wear out lay fold formed from the short in a little circle; finishing forming.

How do Asians pick dust coats?

1. size
Burberry to look at the shoulder and chest size coat. Must go to try on, because the series, styles are different, size is not the same, purchasing, online shopping is easy to buy big. In addition, Asians choose more slim, fit, regular, fit need thick shoulders to support.
Burberry short, medium long, long paragraph is as follows (with heritage trench as legend)
A short section about 75cm/ long Camel
Medium length of about 85cm/ sand color
The length is about 95cm/ black
Individual does not like short paragraph of windbreaker, do not feel any sense, windbreaker is not long wrapped in the body, and then a handsome face? So, I would recommend a long or long paragraph, a girl of 175+ is especially suitable for long money. Matching drum boots, low boots, or high heels can help solve the problem of height ratio.
It is worth mentioning is that Burberry is free to modify service, small range of length, length. The disadvantage is: wait! Time is about one week to two months.
2. colors
Skin white: three basic color Burberry (optional fawn, sand color, black) to the classic, the three other colors, blue, red, ochre, bare powder can also control.
The color yellow, orange yellow, camel, etc. to avoid, easy to make the face look sallow. Dark blue, black, and sand will be better.
Color: orange, dark sand color, dark red, and the colors are suitable brightness is not high.
Summary: if you choose a brightly colored clothes, then take the inside, accessories, as far as possible the use of black and white, gray, nude, dark brown, dark green, such as “advanced color” transition. On the contrary, black, beige, sand color, dark brown, dark blue and calm these clothes you need to break all the highlights of embellishment, dull.
3. styles
Prorsum material luxury, style also inherited the catwalk design concept, more visual impact, burberry is more creative breakthrough this year, of course, are more likely to be a person remember, if you are a trench, bought heavily in one or two, and then as a brand collection is worth it! Suitable for fashion circles to buy, after all, this series requires unique aura hold. (other than solid colored material)
Heritage trench more self-cultivation than London, fabrics are gabardine. In addition to the selection of some London in the fabric, the style is quite satisfactory. Is the two best-selling series, due to the start of the coat is for soldiers, so it is a tough line, in order to give the front door gun block better, the rain is the role of the wind and rain days rain rain drops, not wet clothes, in order to show the military rank insignia, Drawstring waist the clothes neatly tightened, move freely without affecting clothing making. If you want a suitable job, leisure, out of the street classic windbreaker, in these two series of election.
Brit, some styles are very fashionable, I even doubted some copycat goods, collar and armhole is above three button placket, hypertrophy, also have changes, I can only say that this is a casual look. Suitable for everyday wear

Burberry trench coat

Burberry windbreaker currently has four series, namely Prorsum, heritage, trench, London, brit.
1.prorsum series this year is based on silk, suede leather as the fabric, the use of exaggerated hand-painted patterns, a more sense of design image, launched a new product. Look at this material, you know the price is not expensive, but also in the cusp of new products. Need professional care and maintenance. 2-8 price range.
2.heritage trench series of this series is divided into three different version (Sandringham slim / Kensington / Westminster / modern tailoring, the classic tailoring) series are Thomas Burberry garment gabardine in 1879 (the three heavy fabric fabric waterproof design, waterproof and windproof fabrics, gap and keep the air permeability, is one of the first polar explorers use fabrics) with this fabric meant that it did not have to say the effect of wind and rain, ventilation effect is good, the absolute durable wear! Made in England (means more exquisite workmanship, after all, the collar of the hand sewing, professional technicians need to practice for one year to skilled workmanship), the use of water horn button, dry cleaning needs. The price is no more than 20 thousand.
The slim, carefully look at the clothes before and after the film, the princess had piece, the upper body three-dimensional sense of strong, small Fu gun block, close to the scapular rain. (the overall line is neat and neat, giving a refined, competent feeling)
Modern tailoring is looser than the upper figure and folds from the back band. Remove the princess line, rain block is longer, loose amount of surplus. (NATURAL self-cultivation, both for work and leisure)
With narrow waist line and shoulder sleeve design, the longest block and the largest amount of slack. (because of the increase of the rain block, it makes people feel more handsome.) changes more in style and fabric, so the price varies greatly. For example, gabardine fabric collocation leather trim, gabardine fight mang snakeskin sleeve, the price soared to 3-4 million. But there is also rain cotton fabric (60% cotton forging, polyamide 40%), design of gun block, rain gear, the more casual fashion. London cuts more well than Brit, and collars and cuffs are more elaborate. This series is also made in England, which requires dry cleaning or professional care.
4.brit for younger consumers, fabrics with rain, wax, grease, cotton, taffeta (polyester fiber 100%, washable), gabardine and so on. The size is bigger than London, and the design is younger. Of course, the price is lower. 6K up, of course, look at the fabric! The origin, domestic OEM or Thailand Faye, fleece!

Windbreaker maintenance

Moldy treatment of windbreaker
Windbreaker Meidian, first put the clothes in the sun for several hours, after drying will become moldy with the brush gently brush it. If it is caused due to moldy oil stains, perspiration, with a soft brush dipped in some gasoline in the moldy place repeatedly scrub, and then use a clean towel to wipe repeatedly several times.
Windbreaker cleaning, drying
If the wool content is low, dry cleaning machine wash can be, hair composition is high, the best dry cleaning, otherwise it is easy to shrink deformation. They will put a button down before washing, after washing the nail, washing to prevent shrinkage, collar is best not to wash with detergent, soap or detergent wash, the clothes also have exquisite, the sleeves are put on a hanger, clothes or shoulder deformation.
1., windbreaker fabric if cotton fabric, in the sun for too long, there will be fading phenomenon, so drying to master a good time.
2., to prevent contact with acids, alkalis and things.

Windbreaker jacket

Dust size
To look at the shoulder and chest size coat. Must go to try on, because the series, styles are different, size is not the same, purchasing, online shopping is easy to buy big. Short windbreaker, do not feel any sense, personal recommendation of long or long paragraph, 175+ girls, especially for long. Matching drum boots, low boots, or high heels can help solve the problem of height ratio.
Windbreaker color
Basic color: white skin (optional, camel, sand color, black) to classic, the three other colors, blue, red, ochre, bare powder can also control; yellowish color: orange yellow camel, etc. to avoid, easy to look sallow. Blue, black, sand color would be more suitable; partial color black: orange, sand color, dark red, and the colors are suitable brightness is not high.
How to choose men’s windbreaker? Recommend long paragraph, and long paragraph, not long legs, OBA is easy to show short, height is not high, choose linear rather than A shape. Khaki suits are ideal for dark suits. Light is the expansion of color, fat people don’t buckle appear on the mast.

Brief introduction of windbreaker

Each time, it is time to coat but a lot of people display skills to the full, not HOLD windbreaker aura. How to match the windbreaker? Men’s windbreaker is usually paired with suits and shirts. Women’s windbreaker, light legs, short skirts, or pencil and pants can match. This trench coat with special topics for you to introduce windbreaker coat collocation skills, to teach you to dress up handsome, out of temperament!
Brief introduction of windbreaker
The trench coat originated from the military coat of the Western battlefield in World War I, known as trench coat”. After the war, this kind of coat was first used as a fashion for women’s wear. Later, it was divided into the waist, the straight and the hooded.
Color: plain, khaki, black, beige, sand color, gray, beige…
Length: short, medium and long
Height: shorter for short, medium long; higher for long, female 175+, male 180+ for long
Shape: suitable for the body is not fat

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